Photos & Art

Big part of the photos and all the drawings of these pages are handprint of Sanni Airaksinen; an artist and Noora’s good friend. Since Sanni was small she just wanted to draw horses. Even if at school some art teachers disagreed, Sanni knew what she wanted, also through the academy or arts.

Sanni and Noora met when Noora had started to gather experience from teaching; Sanni had a pure and strong will to understand the emotional language of horses deeper and it helped Noora to teach also others more openly.  Similarity in front of many inner values formed a friendship easily and when Noora started to teach more and more in Finland, Sanni joined the clinics as a photographer.

Now Sanni is mostly always present at least on the bigger clinics in Finland and even in Holland too. It’s because of her that many clinics and important moments have been captured as photos.

Sanni makes illustrations for a Finnish horse magazine ‘Tunne Hevonen’ and special orders for brochures and advertisements.

Sanni’s e-mail address is:





Pictures of Noora and Porne are captured by:

  • Mimi Casteglioni (the newest ones, website will be linked soon!)
  • Wilma Grobben
  • Seppo Samuli (the oldest ones)



One of Sanni’s cartoons published in the magazine. Translation is below.


Part 1:  (1) “In a dream I transformed to a horse.”  (2) “Oh the strength of my body! The power of  my understanding! The beat of my heart!  The peace of my innermost! The width of  my awareness!” (3) “The lightness of my step, the pride of my movements, the softness of my speed… FREEDOM…” (4) “The humbleness of my soul” (5) “The calling to lead others to Life.”

Part 2:  (Left up) “To hear the answers stemming from our innermost.”  (Right up) “To feel the connection with everything.”  (Left middle) “To see the wonders around us.” (Right middle) “To dance with grace in the rhythm of the drum of life.” (Left down) “To be receptive, to be open.” (Center) “Into the present moment. The only reality.”